Fuel Efficiency Tips to Save You Money

May 31st, 2019 by

Fuel Efficiency Tips to Save You Money

The price of gas in BC is higher than ever and continues to rise. This is why conserving gas and driving an economical vehicle is so important. Here are a few ways to care for your Volkswagen to help your fuel economy!

Keep Filters Clean
Often overlooked, your air filter needs to be replaced. Replacing your dirty air filter with a clean one can improve your fuel economy by about 6-11%.

Drive Smoothly
Yes, it is fun to drive fast and use the power your engine has. Volkswagen also has a sport mode that is always tempting to use. Try not to accelerate too quickly, brake abruptly or speed. This can lower your fuel economy by 5% around town and over 33% on the highway.

Cruise Control
If your vehicle has cruise control, use it when you can. Maintain a constant speed on major roads and free-flowing traffic. If you go on a summer road trip, these are great opportunities to use your cruise control and save money on gas.

Proper Tire Pressure
Periodically check your tire pressure, it can fluctuate with the change in temperature. Also, make sure your tires aren’t over or under-inflated. This can improve your fuel economy by about 3.3%.

Avoid Idling
Idling your vehicle is a huge gas guzzler. Try a Volkswagen with an auto start/stop engine. When you are stuck in traffic or at a red light your car will turn off which will save you money on fuel.

Use VW Approved Oil
If you own a Volkswagen, what type of oil you use does matter. Following the VW oil recommendation can improve your fuel economy by 1-2%.

Try your best to take note of the above tips and use them on a regular basis. Doing this will translate into some big savings for you in fuel costs over the course of a year and over the lifetime of your vehicle. Looking to save even more on gas? Give us a call at Chilliwack Volkswagen and we will help you find the perfect vehicle to do that with.

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