Preparing For a Winter Roadtrip

September 30th, 2019 by


Preparing Your Vehicle for a Winter Road trip

BC weather is already changing and this season, fall is ending sooner than anticipated. There is already snow falling on many BC highways. 
Winter road trips can be exciting, fun and sometimes necessary whether it be for work or pleasure. Having your vehicle ready for the environment is so important as is having proper winter tires. Write yourself a checklist and make sure your car or truck is winter-ready!  

  • Replace any worn out wiper blades, you will need them to do their job in the event of rain or snowstorm. 
  • Take your vehicle in for a check-up or check yourself if you can. Check your brakes, lights, oil, tires, exhaust system, heater, and defroster. 
  • Have your battery tested, especially if its an older battery. 
  • Check your belts and hoses for wear, replace if necessary. 
  • Have your vehicle’s oil changed if need be and use the correct oil for winter conditions. 
  • Check your antifreeze level in your radiator, top-up if need be. 
  • Check your gas tank and keep it at least half full to keep your gas lines from freezing in cold temperatures. Condensation can build up in the lines and freeze. 
  • Check your windshield washer fluid and use a fluid rated for a minimum of -40 degrees Celsius. 
  • Check your tires, make sure they are properly rated for winter conditions and replace them if they are worn. Check your tire pressure often throughout your trip as tire pressure can decrease in cold weather. 

Along with completing this checklist, have a winter road trip kit ready too. Be prepared for emergencies and for the unexpected. Check the highway conditions before you leave, and if need be, change your plans. If possible, avoid driving at night. Get to your destination safely!
 Contact us at Chilliwack Volkswagen for any questions you may need to be answered, or for help getting your vehicle winter road ready! 

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